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Is USI-Tech a Scam?


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You are obviously here for a reason. You’re skeptical right?

Looking for more information on USI Tech?

Wondering whether the USI Tech scam rumours are true?

Thought so!

You have searched Google for “USI Tech or Is USI Tech a Scam?” (as I did), to get the low-down on USI Tech, before you are confident enough to take the final step and get involved.

USI Tech reviews are everywhere online but the problem is most of them are biased. You see the people writing extremely positive reviews are most likely involved in the company as affiliates and simply want to refer you to sign up below them. The people writing negative reviews of USI Tech are probably affiliates of competitor companies like BitConnect and BitPetite so naturally they want to tell you it’s a scam and refer you into that.

Who can you believe when it comes to USI Tech? That’s where I can help you.

By the way I am recommending USI Tech now:

(My friend used this to earn $1 million in 72 days)

At first, I had the exact same skeptical thoughts as you have, thinking USI Tech was just another one of those Bitcoin & MLM Ponzi Scams.

You know, the type where the people at the top of the pyramid get rich, then run away with your hard-earned money and Bitcoin profits.

So I started my investigation to uncover the facts.  To see what it was all about, hear what others had to say about it, and then decide if it felt right for me before I signed up.

One thing I searched-out was that USI Tech had 7 successful years Forex trading for VIP clients prior to Bitcoin mining.  Seeing this made me a little more interested in getting involved, because the company had already succeeded in the trading space.

I also discovered, USI Tech then decided to go down the Bitcoin route when Bitcoin first began doubling and tripling in value.  Now, USI Tech is the fastest growing automated Bitcoin multiplier and has not shown any signs of slowing down any time soon.

This got me interested in learning more.

One thing I didn´t like was all the people and companies using fake USI Tech scam alert pages, videos and ads to promote their own programs… these are just dirty tactics in my book!

Anyway, after a lot of researching I was satisfied enough to take the first step.  I registered a free account early 2017 when there were just a few members. My good friend Chong was part of USI Tech. Chong was much less skeptical than me.  He’s a renowned calculated risk taker.  He went all in with €250 without even hesitating.  I parked myself on the block and waited.

Typical skeptical me!

Although in fairness, I didn’t have much money to invest due to being out of full-time work.

Chong documented his earnings to me over lunch a few months ago, what I learned absolutely blew my mind!

I dropped my “super skepticism” and fully committed to my own long-term wealth building.  Chong outstanding weekly results gave me the confidence I needed to go all in.

So I opened a Free Coinbase BTC Wallet and used my credit card to buy Bitcoin for €650 (I knew I could pay it back in no time).  Then I invested in 12 x €50 BTC Packages to get me started.  I could have bought just one €50 BTC Package, but I thought to myself, “OK all in!”

I can now happily report,  I´m Making 340% Profit a Year Passively!  I auto reinvest my USI Tech profits of €100- €200 each week (my Bitcoin wealth is compounding and growing passively by the day, while I write my new book).  So now I really look forward to getting up to Pete´s level soon (and higher).  All credit to Pete for showing and proving to me it works.

Learn More from This Short Introduction


Earning With USI Tech

By investing Bitcoin you can actually earn around 1% per day. This may seem like a small figure however in the world of investing it’s actually huge and is a cause for concern. It’s actually extremely unlikely that they can make trades in the cryptocurrency world and deliver 1% returns to all investors. When you consider the fact that the larger your cryptocurrency portfolio the harder it is to trade.

The biggest percentage gains are made trading smaller amounts, because it’s literally impossible to dump millions into a cryptocurrency coin because you will be responsible for the movement of that coin. As soon as you try and sell your position people will see that you are selling it and the price will drop so much you would never be able to get rid at the price you wanted. Perhaps this would work on trading Bitcoin alone because the volume is into the billions but regular cryptocurrencies no chance.

USI Tech Summed Up

So is USI Tech a Scam?  NO, As an ex-skeptic, I have not experienced this at all. With 600.000+ members all making daily profits from Bitcoin, a recently committed investment of $100.000.000 in Bitcoin Mining contracts (They are now mining 2% of Bitcoin and 11% of Ethereum globally) and the upcoming launch of their own TechCoin, I just don´t see it.

And Remember this,  I´m Making 340% Profit a Year Passively and So Can YOU!

With this being said, only YOU can decide if what you read and heard feels right for you. If the answer is a resounding “Yes”, then go all in and join as I did. (You can register here for free to begin with anyway.)

Here are two great quotes I love:

As Mark Zuckerberg quoted  “The biggest risk is not taking any risk at all.  In a world changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks”

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft: “Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be. Bitcoin is better than any currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and, of course, for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient.”

So, have you have decided now and want to join USI Tech?, Great! Take action and Get Started Now… you won’t regret it, I promise YOU! 

Welcome to USI Tech, I´ll be in touch..

Matti Eduar

PS. I will also give you a special link to get you $10 worth of Bitcoin for Free When You Join My Team!


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