Syndicate Investing

Syndicate Investing

Are you interested in finding out more about syndicate investing? MM CryotoVenture provides syndicates, companies, and investors with an online private syndicate platform (PSP) to aggregate investments when raising capital. MM CryptoVenture is an equity crowdfunding platform, so rather than receiving a product or simply making a donation, investors will receive equity or ownership in the company that is raising the capital or in the underlying property development.

What is a syndicate investment?

A syndicate investment is where a group of individuals or businesses pool their resources to make one single investment, often in a property or group of properties. Syndicate investing allows individual investors to co-invest with others to lessen the risk and invest in something bigger and better than they would otherwise be able to do. 

What are the advantages of syndicate investment?

There are several benefits of syndicate investing. By being able to invest with smaller amounts of capital makes it easier to diversify your investments by spreading your investment across different syndicates which helps minimise the risks. For investors, it allows them to discover investment opportunities in startups and property that they may not have otherwise discovered or been able to afford to invest in. If you have less experience as an investor, investing in a syndicate allows you to tap into the knowledge and experience of others with who you are co-investing with and they can provide you with valuable advice. One advantage for startups involved in syndicate investing is that it allows them access to more capital and it also means rather than negotiating with different investors they can raise their money through one body. 

What should you consider before a syndicate investment?

There are many factors that you’ll need to consider before investing in a syndicate. Firstly, you’ll need to look at your financial situation and see how much money you can afford to invest. This will depend on your savings, expenses, income, and other debt amongst other things. You’ll need to then work out the time period you would like to invest your money for and what your end goals are. Once you have determined this, you’ll be in a better position to look at the different syndicate investing opportunities that are available and choose the financial strategy that is best for your situation. Other factors to consider include the level of risk you are willing to take, how the investment is structured, the experience of the property syndicate management team and whether they have undertaken the appropriate due diligence.

What does a MM CryptoVenture syndicate invest in?

As the name suggests, a MM CryptoVenture syndicate is a syndicate that invests in Cryptocurrency assets. The pooling of capital into crypto funds means investors have the opportunity to invest in a startup crypto project that may otherwise be unaffordable for them to invest directly. There are many different crypto projects investing opportunities available. 

Using an online platform such as MM CryptoVenture makes this assessment process much easier and you’ll have greater confidence that you’ll be investing in a quality investment. To be able to raise capital through MM CryptoVenture, an individual or company needs to first have its own membership pass. MM CryptoVenture doesn’t just allow any crypto investment to be listed on the platform, but each deal is subject to a rigorous curation process and we only work with companies that have undergone due diligence.

As an investor, you’ll receive a private share for your investment that will give you secure access to an easy to use online platform. Here you’ll be able to view your portfolio. Communication from the company you have invested in will be delivered clearly via the platform. Investors will also have access to other curated alternative asset investment opportunities. As a company looking to raise capital, you’ll be able to access your investment vehicle. And whether you are a company or an investor, the related legal documentation and associated records will be generated via the platform and made available online.

This syndicate page will be updated accordingly as the company grow, to follow up please visit our discord hub to discuss directly with specialized team.