Digital Altitude Full Review

I’d like to share something with you Something That Will change your life 

Something that can make the next 90-days ones you remember forever.

First, I have a question for you: What if an online millionaire offered you

his entire business – no strings attached? Would you know what to do

to keep it running and, more importantly, keep it growing? What if he offered to walk you through every step of running this business? To train and coach you every step of the way? 

Do you think you would be successful? Of course you would!

Hi my Name is Matt The Founder Of Mentor Methods I live a pretty darn good life. I left the prospect of a cushy corporate job, and created my own income online. It didn’t happen overnight.

In fact, it took me several grueling and very frustrating years. Yet when I finally understood what to do, it had a direct positive impact on my own financial results!

And it took me less than 90 Days.

Look, the corporate job would have never allowed my family to live a life like this: 

I don’t show you this to brag. I just want you to know that I truly walk the walk. For the past few years I’ve consulted other highly successful marketers on how to grow their business

Until recently I was content to stay in the online shadows of anonymity and quietly make the type of income most people dream of.

Then I watched as a client took what I helped him build and went off the rails with it. He stopped paying commissions, lied to his customers, misled business partners, it was a mess.

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of promises a mountain of hype and have invested money only to be disappointed, am I right? It feels to me that most marketers online have completely lost the most important thing of all: a sense of honor.

It’s a real shame.


Because making money online can be very simple. 

There is absolutely no need for shenanigans, hype or false promises. Simply tell the truth!

So I made the decision to take what I taught my millionaire clients and make it available to the person who could really use it the most: YOU.

Because you deserve to be free from a job you don’t like. You deserve to be free from financial worries. You deserve to experience what it feels like to have more money at the end of the month than you know what to do with.

You deserve to life live on your own terms. To do what you want when you want, where you want with whomever you want.

That’s the definition of freedom.

Honestly, I feel most people today are just selling you the big, flashy, shiny stuff

Stuff that made them $2.3 million dollars in 48 hours. What they don’t tell you about is the staff of 15 people who did all of the technical stuff for them. The 2,000 “partners” that they have built up over a decade.

Or the 13 years they’ve spent frustrated, losing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars and failing miserably half-a-dozen times. They don’t share that with you because then it feels so unreachable.

Especially if you have a day job.

The big launch? Now dang it, that sounds so cool!

So you buy the hype. You think your money problems will be solved and 3-months later you’re still stuck in a rut.

Look, if you’ve ever wondered why others seem to make a ton of money yet you can’t…If you feel completely stuck because every course, eBook or video you buy seems to be incomplete… If you’re frustrated from failing when you can see people half as smart as you raking in the dough…

I Totally Understand. And please know, it’s not your fault. You’ve probably heard a million pieces of advice and are more confused than ever… That’s OK. Because today that all ends for you.

Yes, We Can Teach You How To Build an Online Business in 90 or Less.

And I Am Going to Help You Do It.

Just how am I going to do that? I am going to give you my million-dollar business. You heard that correctly. I want to hand you not only my complete business model…

I also want to hand you all the tools, trainings and resources that I have developed from over 15 years of running million dollar online businesses. From my own experience when I travel, it seems practically everyone wants to make money online these days…


And the reasons are all shockingly similar.

Working online allows you to have:

● More time with those you care about.
● More freedom to do what you want.
● The chance to travel more.
● The need to work less.
● The potential for a constantly-growing income

And most of all…The desire to no longer answer to a boss! Trust me, when you make money online you are the envy of all your friends.

More importantly, you have the freedom to do what they want in life. Nice cars… Tropical vacations… Never answering to a “boss”…



Listen, you can make this dream a reality.

I have worked with thousands of people over the years.

And I have seen that almost anyone can succeed online, regardless of age, education, current income or sex. The internet is the great equalizer. The simple truth is making money online not complicated…

All you need is the right process to follow. And if you follow the process, results are guaranteed. Look at this way: If you bought a McDonald’s do you think you will make money? You know you will. Why?

Because McDonald’s has a time-tested and proven system that you simply plug into.

Here’s the good news:

If you want to start making money online today you have a HUGE advantage I never had.

Information. I had to spend years figuring out what works. And I had to spend hundreds of thousand dollars to figure out what didn’t work.

Because let’s face it…there’s a lot of bad advice out there. My mission is to give you the tools you need to succeed right away. That may mean that you finally earn your first dollar online. And once you earn $1 dollar…

You’ll learn how to get your foot in the door online. And then we’ll help you climb the ladder step by step. Every step you climb,, We’ll stop to celebrate, because it means that you have crossed the most difficult hurdle there is:








Making your first $1,000 online.

And your income will only grow from there.

I promise you… we won’t stop until you’re one of our success stories, and beyond. You have access to:

● The right technology.
● The right process & systems
● And guidance and mentorship from established entrepreneurs who have already made their first million online.

I spent years putting all this information into one comprehensive program that can confidently say is the best of its kind. 


It’s Called:

ASPIRE is an elite community that provides all the tools you need to start making money online.

We’ll teach you how you could earn your first dollar from there, your coach will teach you how to grow your online business to potentially earn your first $1,000. Then we’ll show you how your business could climb to $3,000 per month. Then step by step you’ll focus on how you could grow your business to $5,000 and from $5,000 to $10,000.

ASPIRE is based on the only proven model for online success. It’s been tested by thousands of business owners who quietly and anonymously make small fortunes online. People just like you.


They’re all successful because they focus on the right things.

The worst thing you can do when you just start out is get bogged down by “little stuff.”

And by “little stuff” I mean everything that does not result in dollars in your pocket. So to make it as easy as possible, ASPIRE completely eliminates ALL of the little stuff for you. This means you have…

● No employees.
● No storefront.
● No overhead.
● No rent.
● No inventory.

The only expense you have is a small monthly maintenance fee. The fee allows you access to everything you need to run your business. This includes all the tools, all the software and a full team of sales experts that work behind the scenes and who are at your beck and call when you need them the most.

Today is the start of our journey together.

I’m sure you’ve been disappointed before.

I’m sure you’ve lost money… Been frustrated…And maybe a bit scared of being burned yet again.

So today, I’m waiving almost the entire maintenance fee for you. I did say I was going to give you my business, remember? I do ask a very small commitment…

That’s right. You can get started today for $37 FREE Why only one dollar? It’s symbolic. It represents the dollar I will help you earn online: Your First Dollar.

To join our Digital Altitude community today
click on the red button now

You have a full 14 days to take the system for a full test drive You can use all of the tools, access the training and even have your first two phone calls with your personal coach. Follow their guidance and you’ll earn WAY more money in 14 days than you ever will watching another “how to” training at home. Plug in. Follow the steps. Earn a healthy profit.

Nothing could be easier.

If you want to continue your journey at the end of 14 days, all you have to do is cover your small maintenance fee of just $37/month. If you don’t want to continue with ASPIRE, no worries. You can cancel at any time. There are no long term commitments.

Just contact my support team, give me your name, and let me know you want to cancel. That’s all there is to it. No hassle and no hoops to jump through… You don’t have to even speak to anyone on the phone. All I ask is that you please give us 24 to 48 hours to cancel your account.


Look, I know that starting anything new can sometimes be a bit scary. Especially if you haven’t experienced success in the past. So don’t just take my word for it, see what others just like you have achieved following the ASPIRE system:

ASPIRE Testimonial


Ok Let’s Get To The Good Stuff:

HOW you will earn money when you join Aspire:

It’s very simple. The first thing you’ll want to do is watch your special welcome video. In it I will let you know what you can expect in the days ahead. Next, you’ll learn how to create a special web link. This special link lets the system know that it’s you, so you can get paid.

All you will need is someone to click it. When they do, they’ll be directed to a website hosted by ASPIRE where we’ll complete the sale for you. It gets even better! Because we will hold you by the hand and show you the exact steps to take.

What ads to run (we’ve already tested them for you so you can rest assured knowing that they work), WHERE to place the ads so people see them and how to generate endless leads.

If you’re not sure what the heck a lead even is, don’t worry about it. This is all covered in your training inside the community. (Your leads are simply the people who buy.) What are you waiting for?

To join our Digital Altitude community today
click on the red button now

You have a full 14 days to take the system for a full test drive You can use all of the tools, access the training and even have your first two phone calls with your personal coach. Follow their guidance and you’ll earn WAY more money in 14 days than you ever will watching another “how to” training at home. Plug in. Follow the steps. Earn a healthy profit.

You can get started for $37 FREE.

Once you’re a part of the Aspire Community you will see that what makes this system different is that it gives you literally everything you need to earn a healthy the income online TODAY. This is not just a few training videos…
It’s a comprehensive system built on 3 pillars of success acceleration.

1. Next level training: This is 7 startup steps, 3 setup steps and 3 promotion steps so you can get your business off the ground with a running start.

2. Backend sales and financial tools: This is your exclusive software and support solutions that take the technical headaches out of running your online business so you can focus 100% on earning money.

3. Coaching, networking and mentoring: You will be coached by a real Internet millionaire. If they can’t prove to us that they have made at least 7 figures online, they can’t be a coach. It’s that simple. This way we can guarantee you that you will work with someone who “walks the walk.”

ASPIRE Testimonial


You also have access to the other ASPIRE members.

These are people just like you.

You can share your experiences and grow together. It feels great to know that you have the full support of others who are in the same shoes. Imagine what it could feel like to earn your business’ first dollar online. And then picture going from $1 to $10,000 a month quite possibly in less than 3 months. That’s the type of transformation you could achieve as a member of ASPIRE.

Now, that might feel like a bit of a stretch to you. Especially if you’re just starting out. When you join the ASPIRE community you have the option of reselling our exclusive luxury products and services as an independent reseller. 

These exclusive products and services are high ticket and as a member of the ASPIRE family could earn commissions of up to $9,000 for sharing with others. I know. This is a lot of information to cover in such a short time. So let me put it into perspective:

Let’s say you spend one hour to post your ASPIRE referral link on Craigslist, Twitter or Facebook. And from that imagine you have one person who buys. As an example, if you worked just 1 hour a day for five days…That’s five sales you could get paid for… And if just 1 of your 5 sales joins ASPIRE…. That could potentially be $9,000 in referral rewards added to your ASPIRE account. If you choose to work more than one hour a day, those kind of payouts could become a regular occurrence for you. Imagine how that would feel!

Or you could choose to work a leisurely 1 hour a day schedule and just maybe get one of those $9,000 commissions a month…

…It’s really up to you. Now, if the idea of “selling” makes you a bit nervous, I have great news for you :


We do ALL the selling FOR you! 

I told you a moment ago… I really do want to give you my million dollar business. (I keep repeating it because secretly I don’t think you believe me.) I am telling you the truth: ASPIRE is the exact system I use.
And when you join, that exact system is yours too. This includes my team of trained sales people who will close all your leads for you. There is no other system out there that makes your online success so easy.

Here’s what you will get access to when you sign up for ASPIRE today:

● Access to the complete ASPIRE Video Trainings: These videos will guide you through the process of launching your business from start to finish.

● One-on-one: access to the world’s best private Coaches who will hold you by the hand and help you make your first $100 , $1,000, $5000 or more. Plus: you can do it in 1 month or less.

● Tested & Proven Automated sales funnels: These sales processed have been built by 7 figure veteran entrepreneurs extensively tested and proven to work.

● Custom followup sequences that put your funnel on autopilot. What if someone clicks on your special link yet they don’t buy? What then? This process creates a “greased slide” that takes your customers through buying one product to the next, ultimately leading to mega profitable long term

● High commission resale products: This process was specifically designed to empower you to “hit the ground running.” You can start earning money immediately, even if you have no products of your own. Because you don’t need any products of your own. We’ve already done the hard work for you! Skip over ‘product creation’ and start earning money the minute you join.

● Tailormade Branding Solutions: Which would you rather have: The fake leather jacket from Ross or the real leather jacket from Louis Vuitton? Branding is what gives your business a powerful identity that customers will pay premium for. This is the SINGLE most powerful way to guarantee customer loyalty and repeat sales. And we’ve got you covered.

● Cutting Edge Traffic and Social Media: Have leads lining up on your website in no time.

● Technology tools that will give you a 10 mile head start, this is an almost “unfair” advantage exclusive to ASPIRE members.

● Accounting and Payroll Services: Take the headache out of accounting and cashflow. We automate the boring parts of running a business so you can focus on the fun part earning a lot of money!

● Community Support, Forums and Live Chat: This will help you convert each and every lead you generate so you never worry about “lost sales” ever again.

● Live Networking Events: Meet with top entrepreneurs and start to build a network that will reward you for life… And, most importantly … When you join ASPIRE you will gain instant resale rights to the complete program…This means you have brand new products created by one of the most respected marketing teams in the world, to sell right out of the gate.

To join our Digital Altitude community today
click on the red button now

You have a full 14 days to take the system for a full test drive You can use all of the tools, access the training and even have your first two phone calls with your personal coach. Follow their guidance and you’ll earn WAY more money in 14 days than you ever will watching another “how to” training at home. Plug in. Follow the steps. Earn a healthy profit.

I’ve found that the biggest hurdle for people new to making money online is having a product to sell .

Being part of Aspire takes care of that for you because your first products are built right in from Day 1. If eventually you want to branch off and do your own thing, the cutting edge training you learned in ASPIRE will take you there. Yet why would you?

ASPIRE has created an entire proven business system so you don’t have to. Alright, I know that’s quite a bit, so let me quickly summarize everything you get when you Join ASPIRE Today:

● An unbeatable collection of elite trainings that are updated every month

● Private 1 on 1 coaching from internet millionaires who will walk you step by step to your own financial goals.

● Automated sales funnels to help you get the most out of every lead.

● Resale products that will empower you to start making money online TODAY.

● Support, forums and live chat to help you convert leads into sales.

● Exclusive ASPIRE Community support and Live Chat to give you a head start on your online success.

● Networking events where you’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with internet millionaires live and in person.

ASPIRE Testimonial


The value you’ll get as a member of this program is just unbeatable.

It’s impossible to put a value on this. Most people start out online with no help, no mentors and no resources… I know. I was one of them. And it cost me years of my life and thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.

As a member of ASPIRE you will hit the ground running with the best training and mentorship in the business. We have seen people go from complete newbies to earning over $10,000 a month online in just a few months. Some of our members have even gone on to become internet millionaires.

So ask yourself…Are you satisfied with your life right now? Do you like your job? Are you 100% happy with the money you make now? ASPIRE provides all the tools you need to start making money online today.

Everything, from your products to your accounting and merchant services, is taken care of for you.

All you need to do is focus on growing your business.It’s time you finally enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you deserve. Don’t wait another minute. Click on the red button below now … the one that says “Get Started Now.” and Join the ASPIRE Community Today!

To join our Digital Altitude community today
click on the red button now

You have a full 14 days to take the system for a full test drive You can use all of the tools, access the training and even have your first two phone calls with your personal coach. Follow their guidance and you’ll earn WAY more money in 14 days than you ever will watching another “how to” training at home. Plug in. Follow the steps. Earn a healthy profit.

ASPIRE Testimonial




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